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Kitchen Remodeling

Imagine your perfect kitchen. What does it look like? What appliances? What finishes? Colors? Cabinets? Countertops?

Now, imagine a new bathroom. That perfect shower. The soaker tub. What else?

Bh Contracting and Home Solutions would love to help turn your imagination into a reality! Our full-service approach focuses on serving our clients from design through installation. With dedication to superior craftsmanship and ethical excellence, our remodeling specialists are committed to delivering a bathroom, kitchen, or other interior room design that meets your specific needs, while communicating with you throughout the entire renovation process. You can feel secure that your project will be completed in the most efficient manner possible with minimal disruption to your life. Stop imagining.

Senior and/or Disabled Home Modifications

What changes can be made in the home that will improve the quality of life for an elderly or disabled family member? Bh can help you with home modifications that can enable mobility, improve access, and make life easier for the elderly or disabled. If you need walkways, stairclimbers, bathroom renovations, handles and rails, widened hallways, or wheelchair accessibility, Bh has your solution.

Heating and Cooling

How much are you paying for your discomfort? You’re paying for your energy whether your home is comfortable or not. Wouldn’t it make sense to pay for comfort? With today’s technology, comfort and efficiency are more attainable than ever before. In many cases, the cost of keeping an older, lower-efficiency system could outweigh the investment of installing a new one. Whether it’s heating and/or cooling an addition, new construction, or replacing a whole-home system – from traditional furnaces and air conditioners, to boilers, heat pumps, fireplaces, and in-floor radiant heat – Bh is happy to do the job. It’s your home, you should be comfortable in it.

Whole House Generators

There’s a storm (so uncommon in Upstate NY). The power is lost. Lights go out. Someone screams, “Ouch!” from stubbing their toe. You can’t grab something from the fridge because you can’t let any of the cold out. The food might spoil. Your TV show gets interrupted, and the DVR doesn’t work without power. You search for the flashlights just to find they need new batteries. You search for the batteries. “Light the candles!” Just don’t burn down the house in the process.

There’s an easier way (and it’s much more comfortable).

Let Bh Contracting and Home Solutions help you protect the things that power your life by providing quality, affordable power solutions. Thinking about a generator? Think Bh Contracting and Home Solutions.


When you pull into your driveway, does it feel a bit like you’re off-roading? Are your friends and neighbors dropping hints that your driveway could use a facelift? Don’t let your driveway turn into the next site for the Offroad Championship.

Windows and Doors

Drafty windows? Doors that look like they came from the set of “The Shining”? Whatever your reason for wanting to replace your windows or doors, Bh Contracting offers beautiful, energy efficient products that will look great in your home. Our extensive selection of styles, colors, hardware, grilles, and insect screens, enables you to hand-pick the right combinations to suit your style.

Topsoil and Landscaping

Topsoil and Landscaping

Does your curb appeal? If not, we can give it some love. Rocks, decks, topsoil, flowers, plants, water features, patios, fences, pavers, planters, zen gardens, miniature Mt. Rushmore – whatever you’re into – we can bring it to life! Your yard deserves some drive-by’s (rubber-necking). We love to deliver.


Need something dug up? We’re your guys! Simply put.



Water is kind of important, right? If you need someone to hook you up, call us! We can drill until we get the proper water flow you need. If we’re lucky, we’ll strike oil and then we can split it 60/40 (ok, 50/50 – you’re a tough negotiator). Once we find water, we’ll set it all up so that you can get wet whenever you want – casing, pumps, lines – whatever it takes. The good news is that we also do Water Heaters! Electric, gas, power vent, on-demand – you name it, we can do it. Sound good? We think so, too.


Need to add some heat to your home? During the super cold winter months, nothing feels better than enjoying the warmth and comfort of a beautiful heat source. Bh can help you with any of it – fireplaces, pellet stoves, gas stoves/inserts, coal stoves/stokers, even custom installations! Want to update your existing fireplace? We can do that too. Mantels, stone, tile, marble, no limits.

Electric Panel Upgrades

Could your home’s electrical system be used to give life to Frankenstein’s Monster? If your home is more than 30 years old and you haven’t changed your electric panel, the answer is likely, “Yes.” Today’s gadgets and appliances easily overload electrical systems in many older homes, causing issues that could easily be prevented with a new electrical panel. A properly functioning electrical panel is essential to the safety of your family and your home; with or without Monsters.